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AI Artist of your choice with AiConfig


In this blog post, you will be guided with the approach on how you could easily become an AI Artist inspired by your preferred artists. Yet times for the majority, you just need some inspiration to get started. That said, it's not a difficult thing for one to come up with the most innovative or attractive AI Artwork. However, when it comes to the artwork, a lot of patience and dedication is required. It depends on your personally interest on how you would like to take it forward. Before we dive into the internals, you will be guided with the DaLL-3 Model the AI Artwork.

For the demonstration purposes, we'll be making use of AiConig driven approach of LastMileAI. If you are new to the LastMileAI or AiConfig, I request you to please read the following blogs

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An Art composition could be achieved by various means. There's nothing right or wrong. However, based on your personal choice or preference, you could get started with the below options.

  • Line Art
  • Impressionism
  • Art Nouveau
  • Cubism
  • Surealism
  • Pop Art
  • Minimalism

It's highly recommended to know and understand the history of artwork. Here are some YouTube Challenges to get some inspiration.

Color My Monday
Alpay Efe
Draw like a Sir


Here's the code snippet for generating the AI Artwork inspired by the great artist "Piet Mondrian".


Make sure to include all the required attributes to make it more professional like an artist Piet Mondrian. Generate an image with lots of abstract compositions.
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Make sure to create and set the parameter named content. For this example, you will be presented with a beautiful New York City with lots of buildings and cars.


Next, let's take a look at how to generate an AI artwork with the cubism patterns. It's inspired by "Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque" as they are the original creators of "cubism" artwork.


Next, let's take a look at how to generate an AI artwork based on the inspiration of Etel Adnan's artwork.


The last one is based on the inspiration of "Alpay Efe". Please visit alpayefe for more detailed understanding about the artist.


Here's an interesting AI work that was generated based on Alpay Efe's previous work. Alpay Efe is a professional painter, currently living and working in Germany.



Hope you had a lot of fun with the AiConfig and AI Artwork using the AiConfig and LastMileAI workbook. That said, your creativity or imagination is the only limit.

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