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Retiago Drago
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Letting Go of One Project to Pursue a Better One

Hi, M!

Hello Again, Cold World!

Back at it with "Hello Cold World!" as I'm here typing in my room, AC on (no pun intended). For those of you new here, these posts are where I get real with myself, both technically and mentally. The series name? It's a nod to that Paramore song.

Letting Go of One Project

So, I stumbled upon this project in the Data Science Community on LinkedIn named Mercury. It's this slick tool that transforms notebooks into web apps instantly. At first, it seemed promising, but it fell short as a portfolio platform, which was my main goal. It ran smoothly locally, but deploying to their cloud was a different story—debugging became a Herculean task. I even tried shifting it to Azure as a container web app, wrestling with Docker on my laptop, but no dice. After a day spent in debugging purgatory, I waved the white flag on Mercury. It's cool, just not what I need right now. My focus is locking down a data analyst role, and building an app solo just isn't in the cards—I need to invest time elsewhere. For now, I'm diving into their docs, contributing what I can to grasp it better and understand the open-source scene.

Pursue a Better One

I'm redirecting my efforts toward mastering Metabase and Amundsen for my Data Analyst path. Plus, there's a final project for my multi-platform Flutter course looming over me. Penning this post is like patting myself on the back for the coding strides I've made.

Message from M

Hit the pavement for a morning stroll now and then, aim for 10-15 minutes. It's like a shot of espresso for the spirit to kick off the day. - M

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