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Keep Going and Keep Pushing

Hi, M!

Hello Cold World!

It's such a cold, cold world (Hello cold world)
And I can't get out
So I'll just make the best of everything I'll never have
Such a cold, cold world (Hello cold world)
And it's got me down
But I'll get right back up as long as it spins around
Hello cold world
- Hello Cold World by Paramore

"Hello Cold World" is a series where I pour out my ongoing thoughts, unfiltered. It's my hope to remain honest with myself through this endeavor. Now, why the name Hello Cold World!? From my vantage point, whenever I delve into code, I often find myself navigating through a backstage filled with negativity and relentless pursuit of perfection. While I may or may not have delved extensively into the gritty realities of coding and programming, my personal experience has nudged me to air this 'dirty laundry' about learning to code—both effectively and aesthetically—especially for those who strive for perfection in their craft. The chorus from the song, bearing the same name as this series, resonates profoundly with my current situation, not to mention the chilly reality of the world we're navigating at present. It's indeed a cold world extending its hello.

I'm Back, I Guess

For now, immersing myself in productive endeavors is the goal. For instance, creating a pull request to improve the docstring of an open-source software, all while job hunting. Yet, my inner perfectionist—let's name it P—chimes in:

Why bother with this PR? It's hardly going to earn you noteworthy accolades for your open-source contribution, let alone secure a job.

P's words echo loudly, prompting me to drown it out with some music. Despite P's nagging, I persevere, learning the ropes of crafting effective, consistent, and insightful docstrings. While it may not significantly bolster my job prospects, the journey is enriching. So, the grind continues, undeterred by the venom P spits.

Message from M

Don't forget to make your bed wherever you reside. This simple habit could bear fruit in the long-term, transcending generations. - M

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