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How to use Macbook and iPhone mockups on marketing websites

When it comes to marketing websites that deal with the application industry, it is not easy to tout your product. There is a fierce competition; and, the online audience is tough and demanding. However, it does not mean that you should give up. To stand out from the crowd and win over the audience, you need an excellent presentation. And putting into use the iPhone mockup and Mac template is one of the time-proven solutions to nail it.

These two iconic gadgets produce quite an impact on the potential customer turning him or her into a real lead. Starting with the power to instill trust due to big-name and ending with an ability to bring the product closer to the audience thanks to the highly realistic appearance: there are many valid reasons why these two stand behind the success of the venture. Therefore you can't just afford to miss out on an opportunity to make the most out of them.

Let’s find out how to use Macbook and iPhone mockups on marketing websites to generate leads and leave a long-lasting impression.

Use MacBook mock-up in the Hero Area

This is the first thing to do if you want to unleash the power hidden in highly realistic mockups. Hit your audience from the doorstep; be concise and straight to the point. These tricks work for email marketing, and they certainly work for your website.

Your users are going to spend some time in your hero area; therefore, it should be both impressive and informative. In both these cases, a combo of MacBook and iPhone mockups can assist the matter. While they present the preview of the product in an alluring way, they also skillfully enclose the information about your program (for instance, screenshots of dashboard or onboarding process), showcasing it in easily digestible and “appetizing” portions. Moreover, together, they produce a powerful first impression, strengthen the general feeling of the project, and shape the story about the product into an entertaining piece.

Traditional Way

There are two common ways to use the MacBook mockup. The first one is traditional and tested by times. Consider Quickbooks Intuit, whose team has gone for it.

There are two common ways to use the MacBook mockup. The first one is traditional and tested by times. Consider Quickbooks Intuit, whose team has gone for it.

Here you can see a frontal view of the devices with a slight angle where the cellphone overlaps the laptop. This is an absolute classic. We have seen it hundreds of times, yet still, it does work. It perfectly reveals the screenshots of the product, makes the showcase natural, and, most importantly, exudes businesslike vibes looking like an ideal match for marketing websites.

The team behind has spiced things up a little bit yet still adhered to the beaten track.

They use a subtle semi-realistic clay style that makes the presentation feel smooth and elegant. Again, we can see a frontal view, yet this time all the devices face the audience. As a result, the composition instantly appeals to the audience. It also nicely blends into the airy and light environment yet still catches an eye, making touting the product unobtrusive.

Modern Way

An alternative way is to play with the views and styles to create something unusual.
While the previous options certainly have some businesslike qualities, nevertheless, they feel a bit over-hyped and outdated, especially the first one.

When it comes to marketing websites, following the mainstream can be quite beneficial, especially in the digital world, whose audience is critical to cliches. So what can you do? Twist an angle a little bit and for example, use an isometric view or some original perspectives. Consider as a case in point.

Taken audience by storm with its exquisite and refreshing design, the team behind the official website of Stripe has skillfully played with the views and perspectives of device mockups. They were managed to save all the qualities inherent to the highly realistic mockups and dish them up under the original spicy sauce. Simple yet brilliant.

Hint, to achieve this, take one of those outstanding iPhone X mockups clay and iMac & Macbook Clay Mockups. Place them together, rotate, and even skew to come up with composition under an exciting angle. Moreover, do not be afraid to show just a part of the product; this kind of understatement naturally ignites interest, playing into your hand.

Key Takeaway

What is vital to pinpoint here is that the choice of your device templates depends on the audience and overall corporate picture. If you establish yourself as a serious company whose application is targeted at businesspersons, then the traditional option is the way to go.

If you feel like your audience does not have borders, then take the classic approach to the next level and reimagine it with the help of fresh styles. However, if you create an application for millennials, that is a huge trend these days, then the ultra-modern way of exhibiting your work should be your ultimate choice.

Use device mockups throughout the page

To make the effect of the hero area permanent, you should set visual clues throughout the website. These clues should be in sync with the hero area. Since we are talking about marketing websites, it is essential to not solely focus on creating a “seducing” wrapper but also provide additional information on the matter, so that your content brings value to users.

To achieve this, stick to the same device templates yet make the informative side a top priority. It will help to strengthen the consistency throughout the website and at the same time, excitingly unfold the story. Take a look at Quickbooks again.

Along with the MacBook mockup used in the hero area, the team has incorporated several additional scenes with device mockups throughout the home page. They are featured in various blocks to support the glorifying of the product visually. Note all these scenes are made in the same style, meet the corporate image and tone of the company, and enrich the project with bite-sized information. Clever.


Marketing websites always demand special attention since they should wrap information into beautiful packaging. They should tout the product in a non-intrusive manner turning the regular user into a customer. Therefore it is vital to choose your graphical assets carefully; and, MacBook mockups and iPhone mockups are tools with which you can never go wrong.

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