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Free Android Mockup [PSD, Sketch]

Android keeps a strong first place (76.24%) by the distribution of the OS comparing to iOS (22.48%), according to StatCounter. And it is not a surprise, because these devices are much more affordable than iPhones. If there is such high demand in the number of devices worldwide, Android mockups can likely be needed in the design community as well.

Here at Ramotion, we design mockups for ourselves, and we post them for others on our store and the blog here. Below you can find some of them. We hope you will find them useful for your next presentation, Dribbble shot, or AppStore screenshots:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Mockup

Material: Clay
Format: PSD + Sketch

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Google Pixel 3 Mockup

Material: Clay
Format: PSD + Sketch

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Clay Mockup

Material: Clay
Format: PSD + Sketch

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Samsung Galaxy Mockup (S7 & S8)

Material: Realistic
Format: PSD

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HTC One A9 Mockup

Material: Realistic
Format: PSD

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Some of our clients ask, how they can benefit from using these mockups? A quick answer is to use them to support a narrative of the presentation. Here is a quick example of how our new Samsung Galaxy S10 mockup can fit a marketing website hero section:

As another option, the mockups can be a perfect fit for App Store or Google Play screens or a pitch deck.

Why Android Mockup is a good way to showcase products

The iPhone may be the most popular mobile phone in the market, but Android dominates the global market share by close to 86%. That alone should tell you that if you have to market your digital product, you might as well use an Android phone templates.

It is a great thing that the internet is teeming with free mockups that will help you enrich your products. The user exchange website provides at least 20 free Android mockups that will be perfect for different types of digital products. The different mockups also make use of the various mobile devices that use the Android mobile operating system.

Collection of Android mockup designs

Among the PSD mockups from the collection provided by UX Planet is the Samsung Galaxy S10 mockup creation by Ramotion. It’s just a simple mockup showing the Samsung Galaxy S10 with a simple black background. It is a basic Clay mockup. This is perfect for showcasing the actual product without any necessary or unnecessary accessories. This is a kind of mockup that you need if you are demonstrating a moving product. The simplicity and minimalism of the Clay means that speed will be utilized well. Samsung mockups are also significant because Samsung is the most popular brand among the Android lineup.

Another mockup from the same collection is the Google Pixel 3 Clay mockup. The mockup features two Pixels with one showcasing a black background and another showing a white background. This is a great mockup when you want to do a comparative canvas for your digital product. This way, clients will have a choice — should they choose the black background or the white background? Should they prefer the product shown in this perspective or that perspective? It is not just about the background, though, it is also about showing two different contexts of the same digital product.

Ramotion also has another mockup that shows three different Samsung phones in one mockup. Ramotion products are available in PSD file and Sketch formats. This particular mockup will allow you to show off at least three pages from the same website. Creating a prototype close to the actual website design is going to be difficult. A mockup will help you showcase different aspects of the website without actually creating it.

When to really use Android mockup

There are so many different digital products that you can create a mockup to: software, mobile websites, mobile applications, e-books, music, videos, courses and many more. But one really important reason to use Android mockup is if you want to demonstrate Android apps. There is no better way to showcase an Android app than through an Android mockup, right?

If you want to really show the range of how your application will look on most Android devices, you can choose a devices mockup for Androids. This kind of mockup puts a number of Android devices — from at least three to maybe up to seven types of Android mobile phones — together in one mockup. This will showcase how the application will look on a Samsung phone, a Pixel, OnePlus, LG, Moto and Oppo, among others.

Despite Bill Gate’s stance regarding Android’s world dominance, there is really no denying the operating system’s popularity especially in developing nations.

Stylized Android mockup

There is another type of mockup that will really help you wrap your digital product in a very nice package and that is through mockup setups. What this means is that the mockup will showcase the Android device along with accessories that will really convey the message of your product. is one of the great repositories for mockups. The templates are downloadable and can be worked on with Smart Object, which allows you to edit the image on the mockup without damaging the original product. This is because editing will be done on the smart layer rather than the pixel itself. So when you resize, the pixels will not be distorted.

One such mockup is called the Young Woman with her Sony Xperia ZR Smartphone. All you have to do is drag and drop your own design or digital product image to the screen of the phone on the template. Now this is perfect if your product will cater to young woman. While the woman on the photo is not clear, she looks young. So what does a young woman do? She could be shopping for fashion accessories or she could be messaging people on her phone. When you use mockups, you have to play on the stereotypes because that is the only way you can send the message across. Yes, not all women love to shop, but most do. In other words, your mockup will do more than just showcase your design, it also tells a story — your story.

There is another interesting mockup: Old Android HTC Phone Mockup in PSD. So there are no accessories here. But the mockup also tells a story. The mockup shows the old HTC phone on a colored background. You could put your product design on the screen of the phone, which is prominently displayed. So what is the story? This mockup will tell the audience that no matter how old their phone is, your digital product will still look vibrant and realistic on it.

Showcasing digital products in a digital way

Cardboard cutouts and physical visual aids are things of the past when it comes to digital presentations. PowerPoint presentations are also not as interesting when you want to entice clients to get on board your digital product. You have to present a product that is as close to the real thing as possible. And the best prototype there is comes in the form of an Android mockup.

While the internet presents a lot of free mockups for your perusal, you have to really infuse creativity and knowledge into tapping the appropriate mockup. If you want to seal the deal, you have to make the right choice when it comes to presenting your ware.

We hope you enjoyed this selection and we can't wait to design some more devices for you.

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