How to gain 1000+ stars on an open-source project quickly?

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My open-source project Github profile README generator reached 1000+ ⭐️ in less than 45 days 🥳.

It was trending on Github under javascript category🚀

I was scrolling the twitter feed and listening to Blinding Lights when I got the idea of this tool. Never thought that so many developers will find it useful.

The open-source community is amazing. The project on GitHub received two pull requests without even opening an issue.


How I achieved it?

Now the question is How I did it. The strategy I followed is a mix of a few steps which are as follows

1. Cool project README

Project README on Github puts the first impression of the project. To win the battle i.e to gain attention I designed a visually interesting README using gifs, badges, and emojis. It looks like this
github-profile-readme-generator README

2. Post about project on Dev.to using #showdev

I am quite active on dev.to and understands the power of it. So I wrote this article for the same

Guess what, it got 1400+ views. Organic reach is pretty amazing on dev.to.
You blog post must display the capabilities and uniqueness about the project.

3. Promote the project on other platforms(LinkedIn/Reddit/Discord/Twitter)

I am quite active on LinkedIn too. So I took advantage of this and wrote a post regarding the tool. Organic reach of LinkedIn is amazing too and the post was reaching 1000+ people per hour for the first 12 hours. The post became a hit and reached 24000+ people on LinkedIn.

That's it! Dev.to and LinkedIn proved out to be a super awesome platform to reach the targetted audience organically.

PS: If you haven't checked out the tool yet, go check it out
🚀 Try the tool - live demo

GitHub logo rahuldkjain / github-profile-readme-generator

🚀 Generate github profile README easily with latest add-ons like visitors count, github stats, etc using minimal UI.

GitHub Profile Readme Generator

GitHub Profile Readme Generator

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Tired of editing GitHub Profile README with new features?

This tool provides an easy way to create github profile readme with latest addons like visitors count, github stats etc.

🚀 Try it out: Live demo

🧐 Features

Just fill the details like Name, Tagline, Dev Platforms Username, Current Work, Portfolio, Blog etc. with a minimal UI.

Click on Generate README to get your README in markdown You can preview the README too.

You can add latest addons like visitors count, shields, dev icons, github stats etc to your README in just one click.

Installation Steps

  1. Clone the repository
git clone https://github.com/rahuldkjain/github-profile-readme-generator.git
  1. Change the working directory
cd github-profile-readme-generator
  1. Install dependencies
npm install
  1. Run the app
npm start


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