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Have you seen this sexy button?

CRED recently open-sourced its NeoPOP design system.

NeoPOP, is inspired by the philosophy and aesthetic principles of the Neo-pop movement - something that played a transformational role in the progress of art beyond the conventional milieu.

We at CRED believe in sharing our work and our learnings for the benefit of the larger community.

because art belongs to everyone.

NeoPOP design system includes hell lot of sexy components like ScoreMeter, Checkbox, ElevatedCard, & Button etc.

Checkout the sexy NeoPOP button

This is too sexy, isn't it?


Components List

GitHub logo CRED-CLUB / neopop-web

NeoPOP components library based on CRED's design system

NeoPop Banner


NeoPOP is CRED's inbuilt library for using NeoPOP components in your web app.

what is NeoPOP?

NeoPOP was created with one simple goal, to create the next generation of the next beautiful, more affirmative, design system. neopop stays true to everything that design at CRED stands for.

what this library features?

  • Easy to use and beautifully designed React components based on NeoPOP design system.
  • Flexible and composable components which accepts custom configurations.
  • Commonly used utility methods and functions.
  • Fluid and highly optimized animations.

note: currently the components in this library are optimized for mobile views, we will soon release support for desktop views.

how to install?

to use NeoPOP library, all you need to do is install the @cred/neopop-web package and its peer dependencies:

yarn add @cred/neopop-web react react-dom styled-components
# or

npm i @cred/neopop-web react react-dom styled-components
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how to use?

to start using the library you…

Storybook Playground:

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