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Advent of Code 2020: Python Solution Day 16

qviper profile image Viper ・2 min read

This is day 16 and again we have to parse tickets. First part was not that hard but second one was challenging and I took a help from here.

Please share your solutions too.

rules = []
my_ticket = []
nearby_ticket = []
tickets = []

temp = []
for i, line in enumerate(lines):

    if line != "\n":
    elif line == "\n":
        if len(rules) == 0:
            rules = temp
            rule = {v.split(": ")[0]: v.split(": ")[1].split(" or ") for v in rules}
            rules = {}
            for k,v in rule.items():
                v = [list(range(int(i.split("-")[0]), int(i.split("-")[1])+1)) for i in v]
                v = [i for k in v for i in k]
                rules[k] = v

            temp = []
        if len(my_ticket) == 0:
            my_ticket = temp
            temp = []
if len(nearby_ticket) == 0:
    nearby_ticket = temp
    nt = [v.split(",") for v in nearby_ticket[1:]]
    nt = [int(i) for j in nt for i in j]
    nearby_ticket = nt
    mint = lambda l: [int(i) for i in l.split(",")]
    tickets = [mint(j) for j in temp[1:]]

error_counts = 0
valid_tickets = []
for values in tickets:
    for v in values:
        valid = False
        for rv in rules.values():
            if v in rv:
                valid = True
        if not valid:
            error_counts += v
    if valid:

print(f"Error Rate: {error_counts}.")

# a dictionary to hold possible fields for each col
possible_fields = {i: set(rules.keys()) for i in range(len(valid_tickets[0]))}
for ticket in valid_tickets:
    for i, value in enumerate(ticket):
        for field in rules:
            possible = False
            if value in rules[field]:
                possible = True
            if not possible:

# remove repeated fields
for i in sorted(possible_fields, key=lambda k: len(possible_fields[k])):
    this_field = next(iter(possible_fields[i]))
    for j in possible_fields:
        if i != j:

mt = [int(x) for x in lines[22].split(",")]

ans = 1
for i in possible_fields:
    if possible_fields[i].pop().startswith("departure"):
        ans *= mt[i]

print("Part 1:", error_counts)
print("Part 2:", ans)
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