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Quod AI #2: Automatically discover code impact + easy tutorials

hroussel profile image Hervé Vũ Roussel ・2 min read

Automatically discover the impact of code

3 years ago, I hired a new backend developer. He was bright and eager. I felt validated when he pushed his first ticket to production on his 2nd day... which crashed our platform for 3.5 hours when it was released. He had forgotten to update one of the property keys in a related file.

Our newest feature Code browser would saved my team from unhappy customer emails and disappointed looks from the sales team. Code browser features code in full context with file tree, impactful commits and code owner automatically. But our fan favorite feature is the ability to show related code in one click.

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An easier way to share code tutorials, guidelines, and more!

Stripe's API documentation is the best in the world. We took inspiration from it to build our new UX for collections. Share your code tutorials, guidelines, and more with your team. They'll enjoy our shiny new table of content.

PS: I built this collection ☝ in 5 minutes!

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