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Quod AI #1: Tackle remote onboarding + Ruby support 💎

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This is a newsletter round-up for Quod AI, the smartest way to search & navigate code. Quod AI turn git repositories into real-time documentation using AI.

Tackle remote onboarding with related search

In our latest blog post The ultimate README for remote onboarding, we argue that one of the goal of a README is to resurface the known unknowns (what a new developer knows he doesn't know).

Our latest feature Did you mean? will save developers from Slack interruptions and long Zoom calls! Did you mean? search suggestions takes the guess work out of code search ... it resurfaces the know unknowns automatically for new developers. With Quod AI, it doesn't matter if you called your function resetPassword, recoverPassword or lostPassword. Quod AI will find it.

Did you mean also works with :

  • Typos like pazzword
  • Semantic suggestions (example: encryptionpassword)
Try related search

Ruby support

We've released beta support for Ruby. So if want to easily find rails migration files, controllers and more.

Check out a sample Ruby repo


We've been busy writing away helpful engineering articles for big developers teams moving fast.

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