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Quasar "Nuxt-like" Routing is here!

Ever wanted auto-routing in Quasar? Kinda like Nuxt?
Well now it's possible with Quasar auto-routing

To get started:

quasar ext add auto-routing
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And use the generated routes in your routes.js file:

import autoRouting from './auto-routing' // 💥

const routes = [
  ...autoRouting, // 💥

  // Always leave this as last one,
  // but you can also remove it
    path: '/:catchAll(.*)*',
    component: () => import('pages/Error404.vue')

export default routes
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Find out more on the github repo!

This is still new, so feedback/PRs most welcome!

Thank You ktsn...

And a MASSIVE thankyou to the following libraries:

Quasar Auto Routing is basically just "sticky tape" for these two libraries so 99% of the work is not my own!

That's all for this but before I go remember,

You can build anything...

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