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Quasar and Browser Extension Development - Getting BEXy - Part 3

Scott Molinari
Just a hobbyist programmer with an eye on new technologies. Currently helping Quasar Framework, because....well.....because it's awesome! :-)
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Part 3 - Building and Publishing your Extension

If you are coming here for the first time, please do start with the first Part, as it will get you started with Quasar and a BEX project.

This article series has 3 parts:

In the past part of the article, we went over our Todo app and how to program it as a browser extension (BEX) with Quasar's BEX mode of development. It was just a general run-through to get you familiar with how a Quasar app and the components are needed to make a browser extension work together.

Now that you have your latest and greatest app finished, it is ready to be offered to the rest of the world. To do that, it needs to be built and published.

Building your Project

This is probably the easiest part of process of creating a BEX and it is all because of Quasar's great CLI.

In your project's root/ working directory, simply run this command:

$ quasar build -m bex

# ..or the longer form:
$ quasar build --mode bex

Once the build process is finished, you should see something like this in your console showing the build was successful.

Go to the noted output folder to get your distributable app and publish it.

Publishing your Project

Ok, now that you have your project built for production and are in the newly created dist folder, have a look at what is waiting for you there under the Packaged folder.

There are two zip files under their respective folders for either the Chrome's Web Store or Firefox Add-on Extensions Store.

You can use these zip files to publish to those market places. Each market place has their own process and rules, so please do take care to learn about them.

Chrome Extension Publication

Firefox Extension Publication

In theory, the browser extension you have built should work in any other Chromium based browser, however only these two are currently 100% supported. If you are interested in support for other browsers, please let us know on Github. Better yet, become a contributor and help us develop BEX mode and the publication process for those other browsers!


That's it! You are off to the races as a new browser extension developer with Quasar's BEX mode.

What do you think of Quasar's new BEX mode? Are you intrigued by how simple it is in the end? We hope you are. Let us know about what you are thinking in the comments below.

For more Info:

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