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Future of AI Development: CodiumAI's VSCode extension

Writing reliable and error-free code is a never-ending task in the fast-paced field of software development.
The process of developing software is extensive and complex, requiring efficiency and accuracy. But with complexity also comes the difficulty of making sure your code is accurate and dependable. As a developer, I frequently have to balance a variety of responsibilities, from designing and coding to project maintenance and debugging. Which I believe most developers like myself find themselves doing. This can be more stressful.


In this ever-demanding landscape, the need for robust testing tools and code analysis solutions is more critical than ever.

CodiumAI, a powerful and innovative solution designed with busy developers in mind. CodiumAI is your ally in the relentless quest for meaningful tests and code maintenance. This VSCode extension is poised to revolutionize your development workflow by addressing the common pain points of software development.


In this article, we will explore some feature and capabilities of CodiumAI, and how it empowers developers to create comprehensive test suites, analyse code, and improve code quality. I will hold your hand through a step by step approach on how to use this powerful extension.

Are striving to catch bugs before you ship your software? or enhance your code's performance and correctness?, This article is here to assist you on your coding journey!

What is CodiumAI?

CodiumAI as a code Integrity Agent powered by GPT-3.5&4 which analyses your code and generates meaningful tests to catch bugs before you ship. With CodiumAI, you can easily and quickly create comprehensive test suites that help you ensure the reliability and correctness of your software. It supports all languages!


At a glance, below are some amazing features the CodiumAI provides for free!


Yeah you saw it right. (FREE).

  • 🤖 Automatically generating unit test suites.

  • 🔬 Analyse your code

  • 💡 Suggest code modifications to improve the performance and correctness of your code

  • 💫 Find potential bugs in your code and suggest ways to fix them

  • 📄 Auto-generating docstrings to enhance code documentation

  • 🚀 Help you improve code quality

By creating comprehensive test suites, CodiumAI is here to help you catch and fix bugs early to ensure that your code is reliable and maintainable.

Team Plan Features

CodiumAI has two(2) Teams plan features which enhances collaboration. These includes:

  1. Prepare for Pull Request

Easily get PR descriptions, automated reviews for your PR, automatic commit messages, and branch-diff improvement suggestions before opening your pull request. Try out our new chat feature today! See how it works


  1. Extend your current test suites

Already have a test suite? CodiumAI will help you with adding missing tests to it! This feature is currently supporting Python, JavaScript and TypeScript. See how it works:


Installation and Setup

This extension is available in in visual studio marketplace for free. Download it from here


Once installed, you will see the codiumAI logo added to your VSCode activity bar and Status bar as show in the image below👇


By Clicking on the CodiumAI icon, you will be required to signup using email, GitHub or Google. After signup, you are all set to start using the amazing features that this too provides🥳

Exploring the feature commands

Having setup this extension in your developer environment, let me walk you through how to make the best out of it.

Creating Comprehensive Test Suites (/test):
This command is used to generate unit test suits for components or functions in your codebase.
To create unit test suites for your function, CodiumAI provides a shorthand command right on top of your function as shown in the image below.


You can directly click on the Test this function command to generate your test suits for that function.

You can as well use the CodiumAI chat icon from the Activity bar.
To do so, you will have to highlight the function you want to generate test suits for.
You will then use the command /test in the chat.


Code Analysis and Suggestions (/improve and /enhance):

CodiumAI's prowess extends beyond automated testing.
It also takes on the role of a diligent code inspector and advisor, offering developers valuable insights and suggestions to improve their code.

CodiumAI's code /improve and /enhance capabilities are engineered to ensure your code meets the highest standards of performance and correctness. Here's how it works:

  • In-Depth Examination: CodiumAI meticulously scrutinizes your code, going beyond surface-level checks. It delves deep into the codebase to identify potential issues and areas for improvement.
    It doesn't just spot problems; it offers suggestions for enhancing the performance of your code. These suggestions can range from optimizing algorithms to refining data structures, resulting in faster and more efficient code.

  • Readability: CodiumAI also go beyond just correcting your code, but also beautifies and make your codebase more cleaner for readability and understanding.

Automating Documentation with Docstrings (/docstring):
CodiumAI recognizes the significance of docstrings and simplifies the often tedious task of writing them. With this extension, you can automatically generate docstrings for your code, enhancing its documentation effortlessly. It ensures that your code is not only well-tested and optimized but also thoroughly documented.

What are Docstrings?

In many programming languages, docstrings are specially formatted comments or strings that serve as documentation for functions, methods, classes, and modules. They provide critical information about the purpose of the code, its inputs, outputs, and any other relevant details. Docstrings are a form of self-contained documentation, residing within the code itself, making it readily accessible to developers who work with the code.

Why docstrings are so valuable:

  • Clarity: Well-written docstrings make the code's purpose and functionality crystal clear. They eliminate ambiguity and reduce the need for time-consuming detective work to understand how a piece of code works.

  • Onboarding: For new team members or developers who encounter the code for the first time, docstrings are a lifeline. They provide context and insight, ensuring a smoother onboarding process.

  • Maintenance: As code evolves, docstrings serve as a reference for maintaining and updating it. They document the code's expected behaviour, allowing developers to make changes without fear of breaking functionality.

Imagine the time and effort saved as CodiumAI takes care of the mundane task of docstring generation, allowing you to focus on more creative and challenging aspects of your project. It streamlines the process of creating informative, well-structured docstrings, improving your code's readability and maintainability.


Let's recap the remarkable benefits of CodiumAI and why it's a must-have extension for you:

  1. Comprehensive Testing: CodiumAI automates the process of generating unit test suites, ensuring that your code is rigorously tested. Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of creating test cases manually, and embrace a testing process that is both thorough and efficient.

  2. Code Analysis and Optimization: CodiumAI's code analysis capabilities are unparalleled. It identifies areas for performance improvement and correctness, providing actionable suggestions that empower you to write code that not only works but works exceptionally well.

  3. Documentation Made Easy: The ability to automatically generate docstrings is a game-changer. It enhances code documentation effortlessly, ensuring that your code is not just functional but also comprehensible to you and your collaborators.

  4. Universal Language Support: CodiumAI supports all programming languages, breaking down language barriers and making its powerful features accessible to developers from diverse coding backgrounds.

  5. Code Quality and Maintainability: By automating testing, analysis, and documentation, CodiumAI contributes significantly to the overall code quality and maintainability. It simplifies complex tasks and allows you to focus on creative problem-solving.

  6. Time and Effort Savings: CodiumAI saves you precious time and effort. It handles the repetitive and mundane aspects of code development, allowing you to channel your energy into more meaningful and challenging tasks.

The power of CodiumAI lies in its ability to transform the way you develop software. It simplifies testing, enhances code analysis, and improves documentation, all while supporting your choice of programming language. CodiumAI becomes your 24/7 coding companion, offering guidance and assistance at every turn.

Happy Coding!

Bentil here🚀
Have you used CodiumAI before? How often do you make use of AI assistive tool in your development? Kindly share your experience in using the CodiumAI extension and what you mostly use it for. This will help others yet to use it.

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Yeom suyun

Writing test code is quite difficult.
It would be great if AI could do it instead.

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Bentil Shadrack

Worry not Yeom.
CodiumAI has got you covered!

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Theophilus K. Dadzie

First time hearing about this tool.
I will try it

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Bentil Shadrack

You will like it

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Nukpezah Winfred

Great piece Bentil!
I have finally found a good replacement for GitHub Copilot since my free pack expired.

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Bentil Shadrack • Edited

Thank you Winfred.
I am glad you like it!

Give CodiumAI a try and thank me later