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How to get certified in Neotys NeoLoad Professional Certification?

Recently I attended and completed Neotys NeoLoad training and successfully completed NeoLoad Professional Certification. In this blog post, I would like to share about how to get certified in Neotys NeoLoad Professional Certification.


  1. NeoLoad Hands-on
  2. Neotys Account []

NeoLoad Hands-on

Before you attempt NeoLoad certification, I urge you to have a practical hands-on with NeoLoad at least for couple weeks. This applies only those who are already familiar on Micro Focus LoadRunner or Apache JMeter. It is because you can learn NeoLoad quickly.

But if you are fairly new to performance testing and engineering, it is advisable to work couple projects using NeoLoad tool before you attempt the certification.

Neotys Account

You can access Neotys Academy for free if you have a Neotys account. If not, you can register it for free at

After successful login, you can access Neotys Academy as shown below.

How to get certified in NeoLoad Professional Certification?

Neotys NeoLoad certification is fairly tough. If you have a good hands-on, you can clear easily, if not, you may fail in the first attempt.

There are 3 attempts which is generous; make sure you use it wisely. More attempts can be requested by contacting the NeoLoad support.

Certification will have 50 questions (multiple choice questions) and you need to answer with in 2 hours.

Minimum % to pass is 70%.

Sample exam is available with 10 questions. I urge you to practice it before you attempt the main exam.

No negative mark for wrong answer.

Before you begin:

  1. Make sure you are sitting in a quiet room with no disturbance
  2. High Speed Internet connection, preferably connect your system to your LAN cable.
  3. Update your browsers with the latest version
  4. Don't panic

During the test

  1. Each page will display 5 questions, you can review your answer any time during the test
  2. Make sure you watch the timer while answering the question

After the test

  1. After you submit the results, instantly you can see the score
  2. If it is more than 70%, you can download the certificate any time in your Neotys account, else you can retry the attempt

20-25 questions you can answer easily. 10-15 questions might be from different protocols, controller set up, error messages, rendezvous policy etc. Remaining questions might be tough, you need to choose the answers wisely by eliminating possible wrong answers.

How to view your NeoLoad Certification?

After completing the exam successfully, retrieving the certificate is little tricky :).

You need to click on My Neotys at the top which will expand, and then click on NeoLoad Certification as shown below.

My Neotys
My Neotys

It will take you to Neotys Certification Program page as shown below where you can download your certificate and the goodies.

Neotys Certification Program
Neotys Certification Program

How does NeoLoad certification look?

How to get certified in Neotys NeoLoad Professional Certification?
How to get certified in Neotys NeoLoad Professional Certification?

For your email signature:

Neotys Certified Professional
Neotys Certified Professional

Good luck from QAInsights:)

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