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Pycraft Progress report #1

Hi there, this is PycraftDev here, and this is a progress update for Pycraft. This is slightly out of sync with twitter (where I also share my progress) but the content should be similar!

Pycraft then, well I have changed the object that the HUD is rendered on from a plane to a VBO, this is practice to see if I can create a second, it also brings back some of the performance we lost adding a HUD. However, this led to the issue of rendering textures of an object, something I've been struggling with for some time, however at 7:59 on the 14/11/2021 (DD/MM/YYYY), I cracked texture rendering to an object, after about 2 hours of frustration, this also means that now I'm really close with the new solution to where I was at the end of yesterday, only much faster and hopefully a little bit more optimised. I had to use a VBO because they allow me to fix the objects position both relative to the X, Y and Z coordinates as well as in rotations, as a HUD isn't very helpful if your turn around and it moves with the game and doesn't stick to the camera eh!

Now in addition to this I am very close to a solution to rendering the grass texture to the terrain, something that was implemented back I think even before Pycraft v0.8 (around the summer of this year), but the texture would only pick the most common colour and render that, however that I think I'm close to a fix. Also, whilst I was in the mood to tackle textures, I've also removed the strange borders around the sky box's panes, as there is a "pencil line" around any drawn object and this can be modified fairly easily (you can see this effect on an image attached below) however you might consider this a small change but small changes add up!
A photograph showing the effect mentioned above with the skybox border
Today has seen more dramatic changes that make a big difference to the game, and I'm ticking off lots of the tasks on the time line towards Pycraft v0.10 (on my GitHub page here: even though I'm not doing them in the order I set out originally Although I'll try my best to stay organised and keep the project on track! Pycraft can, once again be
found here: and hopefully Pycraft v0.9.3 will be released soon, although I still have to sort out time and weather events! Thank you
And thanks also to my wonderful followers and team on twitter that help make this project happen!

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Maximiliano Burgos

what is Pycraft exactly?