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Pycraft Progress Report

This is transferred roughly weekly from my Twitter profile (here: to here on Dev! This is for the week 21/02/2022 - 27/02/2022.

February the 21st - 2022

Iā€™m now on holiday so until Friday I will NOT be sharing any Pycraft daily progress updates, but today I spent as much time as I could working on the Medium article, have a great week everyone and I'll be planning what to work on in Pycraft next!

February the 25th - 2022

It's been a gradual start back to normality, today I spent my afternoon working mainly on the Medium article, but I've also been making changes to the visual music program too, although that's not what I'm focusing on at the moment it's something I want to keep working on and keep up to date for use in my next large project, although I've got Pycraft to focus on first which is why I've made as much progress as I can on the Medium article so hopefully by next week I'll be working on the final two sections of the installer, likely I'll work on the update section and leave the repair GUI for a later date as it's not something crucial for the installer and I want to focus on the rest of the game, the next few large updates are focused on the game engine and I have a lot planned which I'm beginning to outline in more detail in the soon to be published medium article, I won't specify a date, but around the next few days I'll be posting that on Medium and Dev, at the same time I'll be updating the folks at Dev with the latest progress reports!

February the 26th - 2022

I've been making a lot of progress today on the Medium article, most of it is now finished, approximately 80% so hopefully by Sunday, right when I had planned I'll be able to release that on Medium and Dev and then I'll be immediately starting work on the update utility for Pycraft, but there are also small changes I need to make also to the uninstaller and a bug has been raised with me with the way music in the menu plays it can cause the game to crash, this will be patched as soon as possible tomorrow, once this update is finished I'll be working on the game engine for a long time, I'll be adding a lot of the features of the modern game and I'm planning to spend the majority of the rest of the year in this, as well as at updating the settings GUI!

February the 27th - 2022

You may have noticed that I have not shared the medium article today, this was the plan, it's entirely written up but I want to spend a bit more time improving some of the graphics for the article and do a final read, this won't take long so by tomorrow I'll hopefully have the article uploaded on both medium and dev although tomorrow is a busy day (you'll find out why tomorrow!) but also I am debating with to update the folks at dev for this week because I was on holiday there are only two or three days of news to share, hopefully by tomorrow I'll be starting work on the last of the 3 sections of the installer, the update utility which should hopefully link to other aspects of the installer so won't take too long to develop, there are also a few small bugs that need addressing around the music implementation.

Thanks for reading folks!

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