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GitHub + Dev Hackathon 2023 - Self-hosted Azure Pipelines Agent Codespace/Dev Container

What I built

Created a community Codespace that has an Azure Pipelines agent built into the Codespace. The Codespace can register itself via Codepsace Secrets as a self-hosted Azure pipelines agent into an Azure DevOps Agent pool, and be used to run Azure pipelines using the compute power of the Codespace.


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App Link

Template Name Maintainer
Azure Pipelines Agent Marcel Lupo @Pwd9000-ML


  • Add Codespace secrets on the GitHub repository where the Codespace is to be spun up


  • Select Add Dev Container Configuration Files...


  • Select Create a new configuration...


  • Select Show All Definitions...


  • Select Azure Pipelines Agent


Self hosted Azure Pipelines agent registers on agent pool and runs inside Codespace at launch



Use and utelise your codespace compute power to also run a self hosted azure pipelines agent. This devcontainer can be used as a codespace that will create and attach a self-hosted azure pipelines agent inside of the codespace and attach/register the ADO agent with an Azure DevOps agent pool by using secrets for codespaces as parameter values:


Link to Source Code

Permissive License


Background (What made you decide to build this particular app? What inspired you?)

Wanted to create a way to be able to build as well as test my Azure Pipelines (CI/CD) processes, but not have the hassle and costs of building a separate self hosted agent. To instead utilise the same Codespace I'm already working in to also use as my Azure Pipelines agent.

How I built it (How did you utilize GitHub Actions or GitHub Codespaces? Did you learn something new along the way? Pick up a new skill?)

Learned how to create community Codepsaces to contribute to the wider Dev community and I hope that many others will find my Codespace useful and also contribute to making it even better.

Video Tutorial - How to use


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