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A Live Auction Market


What if there is an online platform where only one auction takes place at a time and the users can bid for the product in live. You have to wait in the queue for placing your product for the auction.

The queue strategy

Of course, everyone will think like why the queue in this modern technology era where you can handle each auction separately in a server. But, here comes the catch. It's hard to get your product noticed while submitting for auction in a platform like eBay or other web apps.
Our app makes one auction live at the home page and others have to wait. So, every users can engage in a certain auction at a time.

UX design

There should be only one page for the app where an auction would be going live. A button in some corner will let you create your own auction and after creation, it will show the position in the queue. Also the app will show the number of users online.

There would be a notification system through email or other contact medium which will let the user know if their auction is about to go live.

User credentials

We have to collect user credentials like name, age, and contact details to let them enrolled in the auction.

Share you ideas

Share your ideas to develop this insight and let me know in the comments if you are interested in this project.


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