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This or that?

Have you ever ended up in a situation where you have many images of something but hard to choose the perfect one?

Like, if we have two images, it's easy to choose the best one. But when it's 5 or 10 or 50 images, the process becomes more difficult.

The solution is to take the first two pictures, find the best one. Now take the third picture and cross check with the best one and it continues.

I made a simple web app which helps to do this. Simply, we upload a bunch of images and click start. The program shows us a pair of images and we have to choose the best one. It repeats until the best one finally being found.

Dot-poll is a simple web app with basic html and js which delivers this solution. See the live version here: Demo

There is a lot of features we can add to this app and I am looking for developers who are interested working on this. Leave a comment or a pull request if you find this worth a try.

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