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Przemyslaw Jan Beigert
Przemyslaw Jan Beigert

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Save couple of seconds each day by Alfred's workflow


I'm working on my private laptop. Each day I must run IDE, iTerm, docker, slack, password manager, browser, maybe spotify. It's not a hard or long task but it takes a couple of seconds. Also is repetitive so it sounds like a good candidate to automate.


I chose alfred for this task. Unfortunately is necessary to buy Alfred Powerpack however it's great tool and I can recommend it event without this workflow.


Alfred -> preferences -> workflows -> + -> blank workflow.

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On the new workflow create an input trigger and drag some applications from applications catalog.

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Then just connect the input trigger with every selected application.

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Clean up

Of course closing each application should take a little bit less time, however we can automate it as well.

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This workflow will look almost the same as the previous one. But instead of Launch application will be Bash script and paste e.g. pkill webstorm or pkill slack

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Probably you will spend more time configuring this workflow than calling it manually for next couple of years. However you can little bit reduce amount of stuff to think about.

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