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Przemyslaw Jan Beigert
Przemyslaw Jan Beigert

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3 macos settings to boost your productivity

Caps lock position

Unless you're a manager and have to scream on people at the slack caps lock is a useless key. In macos you can easily replace it with the esc key.

Why? To press esc you have to move your wrist.

You only need a finger to press caps lock key.

For some macbook users this is the only way to get the physical esc key ;)

Keyboard speed

Image description

Now arrows will move pointers faster.

I know that it doesn't sound like a huge upgrade, but saving a few seconds a day can bring you tangible benefits throughout your career :)


You don't need the Dock. At all. Unfortunately there's no way to remove it, but we can make him as small as possible.

Image description

Instead of Dock I suggest using spotlight/alfred and amethyst - great tiling window manager.

Cursor color [Edited]

When you work on many monitors sometimes detecting cursor position takes some time. You can change the cursor color to more visible, e.g. red.

Image description


I can not guarantee that you will like these options. I'm using it in my daily tasks and I love it.

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