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The Top 10 Places to Learn Go

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Though it's now ten years old, Golang (Google's Go language) is one of the fastest growing languages out there right now. Do you want to learn it? Here are 10 great places to start.

1. Basics of GoLang for Beginners

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This is a great place to get started from zero. If you're committed to downloading and installing it shows you how, and you dig into some basic stuff. It's a good start.

2. Go.Dev

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This is a fairly new source so I haven't been able to dig into all the features of it, but it has tutorials for installing, doing a hello world, etc. It seems like the perfect jumping off point.

3. Tour of Go

How to learn Golang

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This is a good place to start to get started as easy as possible. It doesn't have you building real applications, but you also don't have to install or setup anything.

4. Go by Example

How to Learn Golang

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This one digs a little deeper and tackles things like pointers and concurrency which are tough at first.

5. Go Bootcamp

How to Learn Golang

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This is a book in downloadable form or online, and it's well organized and clear for the basics.

6. Introducing Go

How to Learn Golang

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This is a great book to go from total beginner to digging into deeper topics. It's well worth the price and is a great way to get started writing real application.

7. Justforfunc YouTube Channel

How to Learn Golang

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The justforfunc youtube channel is great for digging into to Golang. Francesc Campoy is entertaining and knowledgeable. Check it out.

8. Introduction to Programming in Go

How to Learn Golang

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This is a little older, but still a great book for getting the basics down. It's fun and well organized.

9. Golangbot - Golang Tutorial Series

How to Learn Golang

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This is a great series of tutorials for learning go, that's easy to follow and fun.

10. Gophercises

How to Learn Golang

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So now you know some Go and want to play? This is a great place to polish your skills. This site has some cool coding exercises to try out.

GO Learn some Golang!!

Golang is awesome. I love working with it, and you probably will to. The resources above are great places to get your feet wet and really start developing some cool stuff. What do you think of the list? Should I add anything? Reach out to me with suggestions!

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I absolutely love Go, and the Golangbot tutorials are my favorite. However, for what I do (traditional web apps), there's not much in the Go land. The ecosystem is heavily skewed in the favor of APIs and Microservices and I miss a ready-to-use, full-stack framework such as Laravel (I come from PHP). There's Buffalo, which is built (being built?) on the same lines as Laravel, but it's nowhere quite mature. So, I'm stuck with what I know best.


Most people in the Golang community (including me) don't appreciate full-stack frameworks and (bloated) modules/libraries. I really don't want to see Go's awesome features being buried by a crappy culture/ecosystem such as the ones of PHP and Javascript (I worked with both in traditional web apps as well, unfortunately).

To add something: wasn't Julien Schmidt's HttpRouter or gorilla/mux alongisde the http library enough? There's also the, allegedly minimalist, Echo framework


Thanks for a great list. I really like go and have visited some of the sites mentioned.

I have used the following course on Udemy that I recommend:

Strictly not a "learn go" site, but I love exercism.io/ where you get a set of challenges and a mentor to evaluate the code.

Also, listening to the gotime podcast can be valuable (changelog.com/gotime)


What is Go used for? I've seen people talking about it, but I've never read anything about it's uses over other languages. I'd love some insight on why I should want to learn it.


There's no shortage of convincing articles if you search for "why learn Golang", but here's why I'm a fan:

  • Simplicity and minimalism carried to an extreme (only one looping construct!)
  • No classes/objects/inheritance nonsense
  • Compiled, so to deploy, you only need a single executable file!
  • Ridiculously powerful concurrency: beats Node.js in both speed, number crunching (of course) and stability.
  • Lightning-fast compile times (every project in Go, including the Go compiler itself, compiles in under one second)

Basically Go removes all baggage and excuses from programming, and forces the developer to be productive. :) Hordes of Node, Java, and Python developers are jumping ship to Go (from what I hear).

But then, again, if you're doing fine with your language/ecosystem, there's no need to force-fit Go on top of it.


Go is used for a variety of applications, but at this time the most popular usage seems to be server applications, web backend stuff and automation apps. Docker and Kubernetes are written with Go, among many others.

There isn't much in the way of visual things like GUIs, games, frontend etc. But it's quickly becoming the best way to write web services and APIs.


Thanks for this. I've been meaning to start on Go for a long time and just wasn't sure what resources to use.