Remember its just a Job

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I want to be a doctor, i want to be a lawyer and so on. That is what many of us said we wanted to be. And when eventually we get to that destination. Well? All we will say is, its just a job.

We need to have the same mentality with regards to Software Development. Many persons work everyday,Sunday - Saturday on their job writing code and testing and doing other things. But if we view our job like the other regular work. We will have a balanced view of working.

This also applies to learning how to code. You do not need to spend your whole day just watching a 8 Hours tutorial. Take a break, remember its just a job nothing much.

While working as a Software Developer, remember its just a job. Nothing much.

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This is the kind of dilemma that I have. Sometimes I'm really focused on a task that consumes a lot of time relax and forget everything, other times get stressed (even more because I don´t have a job) and felt like a looser haha


Exactly. The only problem is that it's easy to convince most doctors that treating patients is just a job. But not that easy to convince most soccer players that playing soccer is just a job. Software development falls in the middle I guess.


Agreed. It's easy to get burn out in this field. Take a break, time your work.


You can pretty much develop software anywhere, this makes it easy to "take work home". Gotta set limits!


Really great advice, i really like to code as hobby but after a burnout im significally controling the time i code in home and only coding fun projects and stuff not related to work.

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