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Shariq Ahmed
Shariq Ahmed

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How I Would Learn To Code (If I Could Start Over)

I see those videos all the time where people talk about the steps they would take to learn coding if they could start over. Now, I believe that experience is relative. What you observe during your coding journey will definitely impact your opinion. And since my experience is different, my opinions regarding this topic are also different.

So, if you’re a newbie who wants to know the steps, don’t get confused by the wealth of information on the internet. Make sure you research a lot before deciding on your path. But I would do the following if I could start over.

1. Pick a Language

I won’t try to learn every language. I will pick one language and become an expert in it. Because there is no benefit in learning multiple languages. You just need to be proficient in one. And out of all the languages, I find Python versatile. So, I would go with it.

2. Don’t Skip Fundamental Concepts

This is the step that most beginners ignore. But this is something that I would hammer every day in my mind. Remember, you can’t build buildings if you don’t know how to place two bricks side by side. In short, it’s imperative to understand the fundamentals.

3. Practice > Theory

Theory is important — no doubt. But sometimes beginners overlearn theories. They tend to ignore the importance of practice. I won’t do this. You see, we can all learn how to drive a car by watching YouTube videos. But without going out and driving the car ourselves, we can never become expert drivers.

4. Build Your Own Projects

I will make amazing and unique projects. If I don’t know what to make, then I will see the job posts. Recruiters mention the skills they are looking for in a candidate. So, if I don’t have that skill, I’ll make sure to learn it and make a project in which that skill will be used.

5. Solve LeetCode Problems

Even though companies don’t mention that they are looking for candidates who have solved LeetCode problems, most employers already assume that every candidate is solving LeetCode questions. But, as per my observation, they don’t want to see ‘X amount of solved LeetCode questions’ on your resume. They just want to see whether you are good at problem-solving or not.

Now, will this journey be easy? No. You will feel dejected because of imposter syndrome. At times, you will achieve success, but the setbacks will humble you instantly. But remember, this is how you improve. Just keep pushing yourself, and you will definitely succeed.

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