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Nevertheless, Simone still Codes in 2021! (or part 3)

✨ As everyone else shares everywhere. I also cannot believe another year has passed so quickly.
It is international woman's day again, and also my birthday tomorrow.

Before writing this, I read my post from last year. I am in such a different place compared to last year. This I knew already, but reading it back is very fun and strange in a good way.
In this crazy different year, I decided to quit my job, take the leap and start the same job at a company I thought would suit me better. It's been 3 months and it's the best work decision I have ever made.

Not sure it is because of the new job, Coronavirus or just me seeing things a bit different because of both. The JS goal I set for myself, I did not make it. But that is okay. I have learned (and am still learning everyday) to be less hard on myself. Studying again really is very intense. I underestimated that for sure. So I decided to be kind to myself, also do what I can and try not to worry and overthink things. Next to the JS I did learn last year, I also learned that thinking about myself is the most important thing.

Also I did learn a lot on my new job. About the company, Git workflow, composer.. a lot of things I need for work, that are not programming. Also I bought CSS secrets, the real paperback, to read for fun. And I am loving it. Reading about CSS casually whenever and study JS one dedicated evening a week.

To stay on topic, the only thing I would love to change at work is that I will get another woman developer colleague. You looking for a job in Utrecht, The Netherlands? Let me know! I know this is a long shot. My goal for next year is getting a bigger network of women, making more friends :)

Happy international women's day to everyone!
<3 Love from The Netherlands

✨ PS from the template :)
My advice for allies to support underrepresented folks who code is... Smile and be kind. Never assume, you can ask anything, if you ask politely and are sincere.

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!

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Dankjewel 😊