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Nevertheless, Simone Coded 2022 (can't believe this is my part 4)

✨ Another year, another Nevertheless or #shecoded and another year older, wiser and happier. ✨

I had a bit of a rough year, coding wise. Can't say why it really happend, but learning a lot of new things at work gave me so much energy and joy the first few months in. But after a few more months it got exhausted. And the fun was gone for a bit. So much so that I was doubting for a split second to switch careers again. Back to something I could already do, because the learning all the time is, well, a lot..
But I geve myself some time and space to think. Paused my home projects, focussed on work and me-time away from screens. (witch sounds easier than it was/ is) And decided to keep at it. Gave myself some topics in the form of boundaries on what to learn. There is so much out there.. but I need to focus and get good at a few things, and fun things.
Decided on React and next.js for now. Aside from my never-ending vanilla JS journey. And of course I still love CSS very much.
To make my life easier, I decided to gift myself a 14inch macbook pro. Had it for a few weeks and never want to go without it. Im proud of myself for installing everything and doing all the setup to program on it myself. It will be my new best buddy through all the learning I have in my future.
Again, I am very excited about what the future will hold. Bring it on!

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