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Nevertheless, Simone Coded

I continued to code in 2019 because...

I want to solve problems, make life easier and make pretty things.

I was thinking about this answer for a while. Overthinking it, probably, because that is what I tend to do. But then I realised that is why I opened this in the first place. To start small and start from where I currently am.

I am new to coding and new to Started to learn to code about a year ago through free recourses online, and am still amazed by the community, the people and all the information and passion we share.

I deserve credit for...

The fact that I keep going. I put in the hours and am eager to learn. Also curious about where I will end up in a few years.

I hope to see my work...

Grow, just grow and get better. I really feel like I am planting seeds with all these different topics I read about, hear about and watch YouTube video’s about.

And concerning the community..

I plan to contribute. I feel like I need to learn more, but also know I have learned a lot already. Still a bit shy about it, because it doesn’t seem like much. It seems like a house made out of cardboard, when I am looking at mansions other people created. I will be proud of my cardboard house!

(P.S. this is my first post here. Hope all goes well with posting it.)

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