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What happens in a day of an open-source maintainer?

The daily activities of an open-source maintainer can vary depending on the specific project and the needs of the community. Some common tasks that a maintainer might perform include:

  • Reviewing and responding to issues and pull requests submitted by users
  • Fixing bugs and implementing new features in the project
  • Communicating with the community and answering questions about the project
  • Collaborating with other contributors and maintainers on the project
  • Working on long-term strategic planning and development of the project
  • Providing support and guidance to users who are having trouble with the project

Overall, the daily work of an open-source maintainer can be demanding and varied, requiring a combination of technical expertise, community management skills, and strategic thinking. Maintainers often work long hours and may need to juggle multiple tasks and priorities in order to keep up with the demands of the community.

Did we miss something? And how would you weight the tasks?

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Gabor Szabo

I think it depends a lot on how big a project (or how many projects) one maintains.
The level of activity will also depend a lot on the importance and complexity of the project.
Also how much time one is willing to allocate from his/her free time to work on the open source project.

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