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PayDevs: The Spotify for Software Libraries

We're excited to announce the launch of PayDevs, a platform that helps open-source library maintainers monetize their work. We know that monetization is a crucial aspect of sustainability for the open-source ecosystem, and PayDevs aims to make it easier for developers to get paid for the value they provide.

PayDevs helps maintainers of open source libraries get paid for their work without having to worry about handling individual customers, fundraising, billing, accounting, or taxes. We provide a registry for software libraries where users have to pay us for access, and we pay maintainers for every user of their library that we can measure - just like Netflix or Spotify, but for software libraries and not media.

PayDevs is ideal for open-source library maintainers who want to earn income from their work, as well as for companies and organizations that rely on open-source libraries and want to show their support by paying the maintainers.

We believe PayDevs can be a valuable tool for the open-source community, and we'd love to hear your feedback on it. If you're an open-source library maintainer or a user of open-source libraries, we'd love to hear how PayDevs could work for you.

PS: PayDevs is on ProductHunt today:

Thanks for checking us out!

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