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Voice Enabled Penetration Testing

One month ago, I was set out to build an AI system for my home like JARVIS AI from Mark Zuckerberg, inspired by Iron Man. I decided to name it Prometheus, because the myth still makes up the lower strata of my psyche;) The AI system also has a chat bot interface that is connected to the system for remote operations. The system also has some features that are in active development and therefore I cannot blog them for now eg, using a drone for perimeter scouting and controlling home devices like bulbs using Prometheus. Credits to Flying Emu for the Awesome Jarvis UI that I happily copy pasted and reverse engineered a bit to show responses of the user.

What can Prometheus Do?

Our virtual assistant has the following features-:

a.) Web User Interface

  • Support Voice Conversations
  • Voice controlled SMS reminders
  • Voice controlled Google Search
  • Voice controlled web penetration testing and network scanning
  • Voice controlled intrusion detection via an IP camera with SMS alerts of intruders image(can be specified to animals)
  • Voice controlled MPESA business to customer payments(b2c)
  • Voice controlled MPESA customer to business payments(c2b)
  • Voice controlled airtime purchase
  • Symptoms Tracker for medical diagnosis and recommendations.

b.) ChatBot User Interface

  • Support Text Conversations
  • Support automated web penetration testing.
  • Support domain resolving
  • Support MPESA business to business payments(b2b) by simply uploading an image of the till number and the system does a wired transfer automatically.
  • Support MPESA customer to business transactions
  • Get latest news
  • Panic mode that sends current GPS location shared via whatsapp to primary contacts

I am currently in the process of buying smart home devices and a drone to integrate them to Prometheus. One major problem with smart home devices is that they lack common standards to communicate, making integration a challenge.

What is Prometheus built with?

Prometheus is basically a hub of API's that leverages a number of artificial intelligence techniques, including speech recognition and object detection. It is written in Python's Django REST Framework, Flask microframework and Javascript.

Sneak Peak Feature: Voice Enabled Penetration Testing

Screenshot from 2021-10-27 14-55-59.png

See you in the next article on how to build Prometheus Speech to Text.

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