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Cephhi's almost done and we're organizing a pre-release event for the DEV Community!

We're launching Cephhi in a week! 🎉🎈

Cephhi is a thoughtful twitter assistant Mauro and I have been building. If you want to know more I wrote a post about it.

A lot of folks asked us to keep them updated on the project progress, and we got some exciting news for you!

  1. We're launching Cephhi's (free) MVP in a week
  2. To celebrate, we're organizing a exclusive pre-release event, starting today!

The MVP release date

The MVP will be released on September 2, 2019 (a week from today).

Features included

  • Sign up with twitter
  • Add your content's links, tweet ideas and hashtags
  • Select the time when your tweets will be published every day.
  • Automatic tweet generation and publishing
  • Dashboard displays the generated tweets and the next tweet to be published

Current status

The past weeks we've been mostly testing and doing some small adjustments to the algorithm responsible for building the "random" tweet. You can see it in action in @stegopawrus which is the account we've been using for our latest tests.

Here's a sneak preview of how Cephhi's dashboard looks on a browser:

Cephhi dashboard

Pre-release event!

To show our gratitude to the DEV Community we decided to organize a exclusive pre-release event!
The event will start today and last until the MVP release date.

What's the event about?

Mauro and I will use Cephhi to share posts from the Dev Community on twitter all week using the hashtag #CephhiLovesDevTo !

We need your help!

Leave a comment below with a link to a post that you found interesting or useful and tell us why you pick it.

Or, if you want your own post to be featured, leave a comment below with the link and tell us something about it.

(The link and your comment will be used to build the tweet, so please keep the comment under 280 characters).

To help even more...

Share this post so more people can participate!

You can follow this event searching for #CephhiLovesDevTo on twitter, or through our twitter accounts:

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Paula Santamaría

I'll start with some of my favorite posts lately:

I found every post by @samanthaming useful and easy to follow. Check her latest post to learn how to vertically center something!

"For me, the primary goal of a side project is to learn something, or to practice something I already know"
Completely agree with @joeattardi on this one.

Love this strategy on how to come up with a good side project by @vintharas

@kurtbauer_ makes an interesting comparisson between Functional and Object-Oriented programming.

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Mauro Garcia • Edited

These are a couple of awesome articles I found:

“One key to a professional-looking design is consistency. Having to decide about spacing or shadows or font sizes while trying to build a new design will add a lot of mental overhead. TailwindCSS takes those decisions out of your hands and has created a design system that allows you to be flexible, tinker.”

I’ve been using TailwindCSS for several projects lately (including Cephhi) and I’m totally agree with @Drew. When you stop thinking about adjusting the margin from 1rem to 1.05rem, really cool things start to happen.

This article by @Nikita contains an awesome set of good practices to be considered when using RxJS.

This one is a great article by @Max Ong Zong Bao about why you should consider using Figma when you’re building your MPV.

The last one is an amazing article about Angular patterns and best practices for building scalable software by @Angular