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Typper 💻🎮, (the beginning of) a typing game [v0.2.0-beta]

patricepeartree profile image Patrícia Pereira ・1 min read

🎉 Introducing Typper, a simple typing game where our hero is a Ninja fighting off a never ending hoard of Zombies. 🎉

Typper is still in an early stage, there are many features and improvements to come that will make everything more interesting!

Give it a try, have fun and feel free to reach out and give feedback 📝 or report a bug ⭕️ (I am sure there are a few).

🎮 PLAY 🎮


  • Typper is being developed using React. It is not the obvious approach to building a web-based game, but I wanted to familiarize myself with the new Hooks API, so 🙆.
  • I did not use any library for the animations (sprites, object movement, collision detection, ...). I know it would have saved me a lot of work, but I wanted to try and use the Web Animations API.

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Just getting a blank white page in Firefox. :/


Hi Henry, which OS and Firefox version are you using?


macOS Mojave Version 10.14.6
Firefox 81.0

Sorry! I usually try to provide people with that info when I submit bugs! Works on Windows Firefox, though!

Okay, I'll check it out, thanks for letting me know!


window.firebase.analytics is not a function maybe it's my adblock?


same here, I'm using Brave Browser


Yes, the Firebase Analytics script is being blocked. You could lower the shields for it, but I just added anyway a fallback for the game to run without being able to log events to Firebase Analytics 👍 Thanks for letting me know.

Got it working now! Looks great!


I love it! It's like The Typing of the Dead, but much easier to play anywhere you want. I look forward to more updates


Thanks! It's a side project, still quite simple, but I do hope to grow it in my free time.