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Pasca Vlad
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5 Proven Ways To Build an Audience on Twitter

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1. Create valuable content

This might sound really obvious but listen to me: only a few people do that

So many people just create bad content that gives no value to others

Don't do that if you want to grow on Twitter

2. Make hard concepts easier for others

As long as you learned something in the past you can do this

Just explain something you know, in simple terms, with your own words and try to make it as simple as possible

3. Motivate/inspire others

If you managed to do something big in life talk about that

Maybe you changed your career
You made money online

It could be anything that others want to do too

Just share that with others

4. Build in public

This become more and more popular in the last 6 months since everyone loves that

So if you already have a product your working on, share what you do every day on Twitter

5. Document your journey

Talk about what you're learning about

Share the resources you are using

Teach others the concepts you just learned

These are only a few things you can do when documenting your journey

The end

I hope found this useful and if you did please let me know. If you have any question feel free to DM me on Twitter .

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Great points mate. Thanks for that.

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Pasca Vlad

glad you liked this mate!