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How to Serve an Angular App with Nginx

Installing Nginx on Windows

1... - Download the latest version of Nginx for Windows from the official Nginx website.

2... - Extract the downloaded archive to a directory of your choice, such as C:\nginx.

nginx.conf Configuration

  • Next, let's configure Nginx to serve our Angular application. Below is a basic configuration file (nginx.conf) for serving an Angular app:
http {
    include mime.types;
    server {
        listen 2292;
        root /Users/vivek/Desktop/SAAS/saas_client/dist/sfms/browser;
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Explanation of Configuration

The provided Nginx configuration file consists of the following directives:

  • http This directive marks the beginning of the HTTP block, which defines global settings for Nginx.

  • include mime.types; This directive includes the mime.types file, which maps file extensions to their corresponding MIME types.

  • server This directive defines a server block within the HTTP block. A server block defines how Nginx handles requests for a specific domain name or port.

  • listen 2292; This directive specifies the port (2292) on which Nginx should listen for incoming connections.

  • root /Users/vivek/Desktop/SAAS/saas_client/dist/sfms/browser; This directive sets the root directory from which Nginx should serve static files. [above location is location of build artifacts]

  • In this case, the Angular application's built output is located in the specified directory.

Replacing Default nginx.conf

  • To use the above configuration, follow these steps:

3... Locate the default nginx.conf file in the Nginx installation directory (typically C:\nginx\conf on Windows).

4... Replace the contents of the default nginx.conf file with the configuration provided above.

5... Save the changes to the nginx.conf file.

Basic Nginx Commands

  • To start Nginx: Open Command Prompt and navigate to the Nginx directory (cd C:\nginx) and then run nginx.exe.

  • To stop Nginx: Use the command nginx.exe -s stop.

  • To reload Nginx configuration: Use the command nginx.exe -s reload.

6... go to browser and hit localhost:2209

7... its done!!!πŸ˜€

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