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Our Time For Tech

Introducing Our Time For Tech on Dev.To

msarit profile image Arit Amana ・1 min read

Hello! 👋🏾

I'd like to introduce the Our Time For Tech organization on Dev.To.

At Our Time For Tech, we empower the careers of women-in-Tech. We have 2 tracks: CodeCollab and Better Prep. Read more about these tracks on our website.

On Dev.To, our fellows shall be sharing what they're learning during their time with us. I'm excited to witness their breakthroughs, share their frustrations and celebrate their commitment to advancing their Tech careers! 🧡

So keep watching this space! And, hey, if you think Our Time For Tech can help you, please join our mailing list, so we can alert you when applications for Cycle 2 open! 🎉

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Max Ong Zong Bao

Hi I think there's something wrong with the link for the website. I was thinking of looking at it before I share it with female developers I know. I hope it's fixed by then.

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Arit Amana Author

Thank you so much! I shall fix it now.

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