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Reflecting on writing tests

Gabrielle Easton
・1 min read

During the last few weeks, I was occupied with writing tests for our application. My biggest surprise was to find that I enjoy writing tests. Now I can fully understand the importance of having tests in your application. Tests have the power to minimize the breaking changes to the app and helps to build a stronger application.

Personally, it helped me to understand the application we designed better. I can see now why writing tests make you a better developer. By writing tests and seeing that some of them have failed, we have improved our codebase. I also loved that writing tests give you the freedom to work independently on the part of the app you are testing.

This time we didn’t follow strict TDD practices. First, we built the features, and now we are testing them. It gave us an advantage of seeing the App live. It’s not a common approach, but it provided us a better understanding of what we are testing.

Big shout-out to Arit for the opportunity to learn how to write tests and the importance of it, and sharing her love for writing tests. Her enthusiasm is very motivating.

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