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Demo Day!

Last month my fellowship with CodeCollab came to an end. It was a great opportunity to grow as a developer. The fellowship was full of learning.

I collaborated with a diverse team. We all gained experience not only working remotely – quite useful nowadays – but also working in different timezones (9 hours apart).
 We used GitHub as our collaboration tool. We used GH to keep track of the code and as a task manager. We had all the tasks, features, and bugs we needed to take care of and we held most of the discussions about them there.

I learned how to prioritize tasks and manage workloads.
I also learned how to be confident working with the tech stack that I wasn’t familiar with. It was intimidating at first, but then I realized that all the frameworks have something in common.

I also got to experience the power of testing. It became one of my favorite parts of the development process. I learned how to give empathetic feedback and receive feedback with grace. It was difficult to review someone else’s work at first, but it became easier with more experience. I learned how to take ownership of the App as well.

We finished our fellowship with Demo Day. It was a great way to show a tech community what we had developed and how much we had learned and grown from the experience. I most appreciated how much you can learn from a team with many different backgrounds and experiences.

Now is to the next adventure!


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Sara LoG

It was a pleasure to share this journey with you Gabrielle! Wish you all the best in your next adventures! ❤️

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Gabrielle Easton

Thank you, Sara! I enjoyed working together and learned a lot from you!❤️