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Collaboration Skills

Gabrielle Easton
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The idea of the CodeCollab is a collaboration, how we work together, how we communicate, and our dynamics in how we interact. Our senior developer reminds us of this each sprint meeting when we start to get frustrated. The idea seems easy enough, but in reality, it can be challenging to collaborate with others. Each person on a team has communication preferences, different time zones, different backgrounds, and personal goals.

As I am learning, collaboration won't happen without clear communication, actively listening to others, taking responsibility for mistakes, and respecting the diversity of your teammates. ​It is also helpful to continuously develop asynchronous communication and give clear context to the question you are asking with an empathetic tone. So far, I see a lot of growth happening in myself and my team as we continue collaborating on the ShiftWork App.

We hold regular meetings, so we have a shared and clear vision of the direction we’re going. Each of us knows the full scope of the project and what we’re accountable for. We use GH collaboration tools for these purposes. This allows each of us to perform efficiently. What’s obvious for you isn’t always obvious for others. Speaking up and sharing ideas are essential to solving problems as they arise. I am always amazed at how much you can learn from a short conversation with your team. Each person will bring different perspectives and views. Constant communication ensures that everyone is on the same page. It’s fuel to keep the creativity of the development process alive. Team collaboration drives creative thinking and effective brainstorming. It allows you to look at problems from multiple angles and points of view.

It's necessary to learn how to understand various perspectives and manage priorities from everyone in the group. I am learning how to give and receive feedback. I am learning to assume that the person giving feedback has the best intentions. When I give feedback, I try to give it clearly and with consideration.

I can say with confidence that my team has what is needed to collaborate successfully. We have a cooperative spirit and mutual respect.

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Arit Amana

Excellent observations! Thank you for sharing!

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