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ODMLON - who owns your stack ?

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oraclejet (7 Part Series)

1) oraclejet ootb #responsive design #nocode 2) ODMLON - who owns your stack ? 3 ... 5 3) ODMLON @oraclejet ui 4) "just spend 2 hrs with @oraclejet and lets talk again" ! 5) i will NOT bother to learn react and react native anymore ! 6) ODMLON @oraclejet 7) ODMLOC @oraclejet massive online learning

this cant wait - todays oracle developer meetup was a real eye opener

are you in media or retail ? then think twice - who really owns your stack ?

fine if you dont mind that fb & goog 'own' your ui (angular / react) frontend and its fine that your major competitor owns your backend (aws) ?

not so sure now ? then reconsider they actual 'open' solutions from ibm, microsoft and oracle instead

companies that actually want YOUR business to grow and not be consumed

if you are interested then watch this space over the next few months for non evil articles on oracle linux, oracle kvm, oraclejet, openshift, azure, oci, vscode, theia and more

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