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ODMLOC @oraclejet massive online learning

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oraclejet (7 Part Series)

1) oraclejet ootb #responsive design #nocode 2) ODMLON - who owns your stack ? 3 ... 5 3) ODMLON @oraclejet ui 4) "just spend 2 hrs with @oraclejet and lets talk again" ! 5) i will NOT bother to learn react and react native anymore ! 6) ODMLON @oraclejet 7) ODMLOC @oraclejet massive online learning

apparently MOOC means "massive open online learning" go figure !

anyhow oracle have a @oraclejet intro video if you prefer videos to reading the manual !

ok so its a noddy 5 minute intro TBH @oracle in fact its an embarrassment to education and training its pure marketing

but the KEY message is "JET is JAVASCRIPT for the ENTERPRISE" and that is why oracle are moving all their ENTERPRISE apps to oraclejet ! silly me i guess the M in MOOC means marketing :haha:

so the only MYSTERY about @oraclejet is why there are NO vacancies on linked in ?

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