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💡Data Storytelling with Neo4J NeoDash 2.0 : from 0️⃣ to 🦸

❔ About

In the previous post you could follow a live Story Telling about how we implemented a cartopgraphy for our information system :

🧰 Tooling and NeoDash 2.0

Within some slides you may have discovered some appealing visuals.
These visuals for some of them have been made with Neodash.

👨‍🎓 What you'll learn

We have started to use NeoDash to deliver with ease ready-to-use portals and dashboards, some with forms.

With this demo, you'll learn how to, on an initial totally empty Neo4J instance, then "from scratch", and within less than 30', how to

  1. Load csv Data
  2. Install NeoDash
  3. Launch NeoDash
  4. Create a new Dashboard from scratch
  5. Create new visualizations
  6. Put rich static content with the Markdown component
  7. Add Schema visualisation (as a component)
  8. Add a Single value Scorecard component
  9. Add a Graph component
  10. Enjoy a Short Data Storytelling
  11. Add a Table component
  12. Add a Bar chart component
  13. Add a Piechart component
  14. Use filters
  15. Export/Import Dashboards
  16. Put some data-driven style on a table
  17. Put some data-driven style on a Piechart

🍿 Demo

🙏 Acknowledgements

Special thanks to Pipiena Luaki for its Data Storytelling skills and creating awesome visualizations on top of our data on a daily basis.

🔖 Resources

GitHub logo neo4j-labs / neodash

NeoDash - a Dashboard Builder for Neo4j

NeoDash - Neo4j Dashboard Builder

NeoDash is an open source tool for visualizing your Neo4j data. It lets you group visualizations together as dashboards, and allow for interactions between reports.


Neodash supports presenting your data as tables, graphs, bar charts, line charts, maps and more. It contains a Cypher editor to directly write the Cypher queries that populate the reports. You can save dashboards to your database, and share them with others.

Try NeoDash

You can run NeoDash in one of three ways:

  1. You can install NeoDash into Neo4j Desktop from the graph app gallery. NeoDash will automatically connect to your active database.
  2. You can run NeoDash from a web browser by visiting
  3. For on-prem deployments, you can build the application yourself, or pull the latest Docker image from Docker Hub.
# Run the application on http://localhost:5005
docker pull neo4jlabs/neodash:latest
docker run -it --rm -p 5005:5005 neo4jlabs/neodash

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Some cool features just delivered on v2.1.5

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