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Basics of Object Design - Introduction

On 3rd January, I revisited some projects I had worked on in the past. Almost every code from each project follows the object-oriented paradigm. Even though, it has not really come to mind how I actually write code for software projects. Mostly, I follow to choose some patterns and then follow that approach for both design and implementation. However, there is one thing that runs through almost every project and that is, every application is designed around objects.

In order to get better at designing and creating objects within a software project, I got this book, Style Guide for Object Design from Matthias Noback. I have started reading it this week. For now, I can frankly say, it is an amazing book. I will be sharing my learnings from the book with you through a series of blog posts. Once we go through the series of posts, we will be much equipped with the right fundamentals on how to design and create objects for simple and complex applications.

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alexgambler • Edited on

Recently my friend works on his new project and I am pretty sure that your blog is going to be very useful for him, that is for sure, thanks in advance!