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AWS Elastic Load Balancer

As it name implies, it's a single point of contact for clients that stabilize or equalize user traffic accessing a service. It ensures delivery of traffic to only healthy targets by monitoring target groups, using health checks configuration. It is simple to integrate with other AWS services to increase the security architecture of your Application, for example, by allowing or blocking requests based on the rules you set in Web ACL using AWS WAF, more on that later.

Here is how AWS defines ELB

Elastic Load Balancing automatically distributes your incoming traffic across multiple targets, such as EC2 instances, containers, and IP addresses, in one or more Availability Zones. It monitors the health of its registered targets and routes traffic only to the healthy targets. You can select the type of load balancer that best suits your needs.

Types of Elastic Load Balancers

  • Application Load Balancer
  • Network Load Balancer
  • Gateway Load Balancer
  • Classic Load Balancer

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