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Bad experiences in technicolor (part 2)

Nando AM
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I'm not particularly proud of this part of my formational/professional life, but I'm not exactly ashamed neither.

After I lose my first job, I enrolled into university and then dropped out of it.


After 4 years of studying middle and upper computer programming and a lost job, I though that the logical step was to get into university.

Take in mind that my previous formation was not in the university but it gave me a solid framework to understand, research and solve any problem I could encounter in my work life.

But I haven't had a university degree.

I was one of the 5 oldest persons in classroom (of a 50 people classroom). My classmates where mostly in his 19ish while I was 27 and that was like a step backwards to me.

I also had idealized university. I though that there I would be able to focus and learn about the things that most interested me but, friend, I was so wrong... That was like high school part 2: Lectures - Homework - Exam.

4 months after I was not attending to any classes and at the end of the semester, I officially left.

The lesson, dear reader

Like in the first part of this post, what at first I thought it will be an amazing experience, revealed as a frustrating and disappointing one. Do you see a pattern here?

But I don't think the experience was completely negative. I knew when I had enough and left just in time to not to lose more time, and that was a big lesson.

I'll go on in part 3. Thanks for reading :)

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