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Bad experiences in technicolor (part 1)

Nando AM
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As my first post at this wonderful community, I thought I could write something about my experience in the field of web developing. This approach, although, would be boring and uninteresting since it will be very similar to everyone else's career in the same field.

So I'm going to write about f***ed up situations I've passed through my career so far (12 years!) because these will be different and maybe (hopely) I had learned some valuable things from them.

My beginnings

After 2 years of middle studies on computer programming (with excellent marks, I must admit), I get to work (unpaid) for a local company with a great reputation plus I get to work with one of my best friends who already was working there. Months later, my friend left the job for better opportunities. I started to get paid (poorly) while studying the upper grade and also passing through difficult times personally.

Two more years later I finish my computer studies and ask for a raise. I was working hard and bringing young blood and ideas to the company. As the opposite, I get laid off and the guy who replaces me is a very close friend of the boss. Great.

The lesson, dear reader

Like we say over here, it's not gold everything that shines. Since I was a child I dreamed about working with computers and later about programming. The company at first seemed perfect for me: very close to my home, working with my best friend, good reputation... But not everything is what it seems and usually you need to go deeper to know the truth.

I'll go on in part 2. Thanks for reading :)

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