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Ebenezer Enietan (Niza)
Ebenezer Enietan (Niza)

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Legislating AI

Every field including artificial intelligence calls for the development of public sector policies and laws for regulating them in every jurisdiction (all legal boundaries) globally, Regulation is necessary to both encourage AI and manage associated risks. I liken the current state of AI regulation to kids playing and all of a sudden they come back crying with various injuries because no rules were laid down for how they should play.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions in many territories about simple things like copyright; do AI(s) have copyrights? if an AI is modeled on a person's data does the person have any ownership? are there forbidden AI algorithms or is it the wild west? these and many more are some of the things to consider deliberately.

It is important that there are legislative frameworks for judges and lawyers to follow on how to approach AI-related cases. If all the legal cases involving AI are brought to court without existing legal frameworks the AI companies will win most of the cases; they typically have more money and better lawyers. It will also continue to favour them in future because of the legal precedence established.

What do you think important components of AI law should be?

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