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JavaScript null is weird

JavaScript has a unique way of implementing common programming concepts. Some things you assume will work a certain way will definitely give you a result but not the one you were expecting.

Let's say you read some literature that Null is a data type then you run typeof(null) then you find out null is not an object, but it is of type object:

let x = null;
console.log(typeof x);  // logs "object"
//also this not-object-fake-object  has no properties
let x = null;
console.log(x.prop);  // TypeError: Cannot read property 'prop' of null
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Also consider this, in JavaScript, null is considered a falsy value, which means it will be coerced to false when used in a boolean context. This means that when null is compared to 0 using the less-than-or-equal-to operator (<=), the result will be true.

console.log(null < 0);  // logs "false"
console.log(null > 0);  // logs "false"
console.log(null == 0);  // logs "false"
console.log(null === 0);  // logs "false"
console.log(null <= 0);  // logs "true"
console.log(null >= 0);  // logs "true"
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Talking about weird things here is another example NaN is never equal to NaN the best way to test NaN is to use isNaN();

NaN === NaN; //false
console.log(isNaN(NaN)); // true
console.log(isNaN(123)); // false
console.log(isNaN('hello')); // true
//But beware
console.log(isNaN('123')); // false
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I know you have experienced other weirdness in your JavaScript journey, please share it and the reason why you think it exists? Do you think there were too many opinions in the development of the language? Are there too many people taking advantage of these quirks for them to be changed? Let me know your opinion.

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