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Which programming language to chose for beginners

Most of the newbies, who are new to Computer field asks me which programming(not markup) language to begin with. There is a slight difference between Programming Language and Markup Language. The main difference between markup language and programming language is that a markup language defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable while a programming language provides a set of commands and syntax that can be used to write computer programs which are understood by the computer. So let's get started about our topic - Which programming language to chose for beginners.

It completely depends on individuals. I'll recommend any one out of Java, C or Python.

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1. C

As you must be knowing, C is the mother of all programming languages. The first successful & worldwide accepted/adopted programming language is C. It is same for programming language as Sanskrit is to all communication language. As all other human communicable languages are derived from Devanagri/Sanskrit, All programming languages are derived/upgraded from C language. It interacts with the computer directly using binary language, so is the fastest language of all. If you've good knowledge of C language, you can definitely understand any other programming language. Any other means any other, be it be modern languages like Rust or the oldest languages like Java.

Why should you chose C language:

  • First ever programming language, so able to understand basic concepts easily
  • Machine independent language which are used to create kernel based applications or even Operating Systems.
  • Can be used to create Interpreters or Compilers for different languages
  • Contains many concepts which needs to be cleared before moving into any other language. It forms the basic understanding of small syntax(plural of syntax - syntax) and working of codes.

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2. Java

It's one of the oldest language which are used by the tech companies for maintenance of their servers and machines. Most of their codes are written in Java as it was popular in older days for corporates. You'll get many-many-many job oppurtunities related to Java. With Java language, you can perform many things - Android App Dev, Algorithms implementation, Web Development etc. This is the old language whose developers are in demand because it is used by many tech giants in their own softwares & their senior developers are available easily too. Many other reasons are also there but main reason behind choosing Java as your first programming language can be this.

Why should you chose Java:

  • Most used programming language in tech companies, so getting developer job is easy
  • Most machines uses Java, so in order to crack their codes(for ethical hackers) you need to be familiar with it
  • One of the popular programming language of today's world
  • If you're stuck somewhere, you'll get every possible solution in Stack Overflow

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3. Python

"My favourite language". This is the FUTURE language for IT field. This is the most easy programming language for any beginner to understand. This is a kind of human readable languages. You can display any string in output screen using just print() method. Python has so many packages & modules and every single day they're increasing. It can be used in almost every field, from general purpose applications like Game Development, Web Development, Android App Development, to modern applications like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Language, Data Science etc. So many people have notions that Python is launched few years back only. Let me tell you, Python was officially launched in 1991(Java was launched in 1995). It gained popularity in this era due to modern technologies.

Why should you chose Python:

  • Modern language, will be in high demand in future
  • Helps in getting jobs which has higher package wrt other fields
  • Simple language, human readable syntaxes
  • Interpreter with stable release every year
  • Many IDEs supports Python
  • Supports new technologies, if you're having interest

Want to become hacker? Want to become Data Scientist? Want to become ML Engineer? Want to become AI Specialist? Python is always there for you !

What will I suggest??

I'll fully support to begin with C as language 'coz it'll make your base strong with all the concepts clear, with logical mind, with cunning syntax debugging(if any, but you must get it to learn). I've also begun with C & truely appreciate my journey till now. It helped me a lot understanding any other language to understand, even PL SQL.

My personal favourite??

PYTHON, I hate Java for no reason. Maybe coz of long codes for even small job. I miss C as I used to practice my Data Structure concepts in C language as it compiles faster than any other language I know. Python coz it's simple & has many modules/packages to work on different fields. I'm a Developer (!Web Developer) & I love creating solutions for daily life problems.

[Thanks for reading] [Sharing is caring] [Happy Hacking !!!]

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