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How to participate in hacktoberfest 2022


Want to contribute to Open-source? Month of contribution is here. Hacktoberfest is back with a whole new version. Don't know how to participate? Want to contribute to open-source community? Want to learn by contributing? Want to earn swags from contributions? Let me tell you how you can take part in this October-festival for coders.


  1. Navigate to hacktoberfest portal.

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  1. Click on Registerations now open button below.

  2. Chose how to login to this contest. I'm chosing Github.

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  1. Asking for some more info, which I've to give.

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  1. Select the additional details asked in the form.

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  1. At last, agreeing to terms and conditions & click on Register button.

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  1. At last, below image is taken from your github profile, so put some great picture ahead. This marks the confirmation that you've registered for Hacktoberfest 2022.

Image description

  1. This marks my current progress. You need to do atleast 4 PRs & it should be merged.

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All the best for HacktoberFest 2022. Keep contributing to Open-Source.

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