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August of AI: Unleash Your Imagination and Win $1000 with HackerNoon and GadflyAI

Hey Devs! Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the future of AI, LLMs, and Generative Art+Code? Cyberscape Zine is back and calling all innovators, artists, and thought leaders to explore the captivating world of artificial intelligence. Join the writing contest organized by HackerNoon and GadflyAI, and stand a chance to win $1000!

Submission Deadline: August 31st, 2023
Reat the full article by Sal Kimmich or check the sum-up post below 漎漎漎

Embrace the Challenge

This contest is your opportunity to share your insights on the future of AI and its far-reaching implications on society. Here are the topics we're eager to explore:

Identity and Ownership: How Does AI Impact Art, Creativity, and Intellectual Property?

Delve into the transformative effects of AI on society. Discuss the potential benefits, risks, and challenges AI presents, or explore the philosophical implications of intelligent machines. Share your thoughts on how AI can be leveraged for social good or the precautions needed to prevent its misuse in generative supply chains.

Generative Art+Code: Unleash Your AI-Inspired Creativity

Are you an AI-inspired artist or a coder exploring the symbiosis between art and code in the realm of artificial intelligence? Showcase your mesmerizing generative artworks and let the world witness the magic of AI in creative expression.

AI Research Papers/Reviews: Share Your Expertise in AI Research

Enlighten our readers with your expertise in AI research. Whether you're studying the latest breakthroughs in machine learning or investigating the ethical implications of AI, we want to hear from you. Your knowledge could shape the understanding of AI's limitless possibilities.

Disruptive AI: Navigating Rapidly Emerging Technologies

In a world where technology advances faster than regulation, how should society adapt to these rapid changes? What are the potential implications of disruptive AI, and how can we mitigate them? Share your valuable insights on this important matter.

Securing AI: Safeguarding the Future of Emerging Technologies

Discuss the security aspects of AI based on the insights from "Securing AI: Concerns & Immune Systems for Emerging Technologies." How can we ensure the longevity and trustworthiness of AI? Uncover the unique security challenges posed by AI and propose solutions to address them.

How to Participate

To be part of this exciting contest, follow these guidelines:

Review the Editorial Guidelines on HackerNoon.
Go to and click on "Start Writing."
Write or upload your story. Remember to include the tag #future-of-ai.
Go to Story Settings, scroll down, and select "Submit Story for Review."
Remember, all submissions will be reviewed and improved by our editorial team. The median time to publish is 3-4 business days. While some stories may not be published, selected contributors will have their work featured on HackerNoon, and they'll receive full credit for their exceptional contributions!

Explore the Digital Frontier

Join a community of like-minded innovators, artists, and thought leaders at the forefront of AI exploration. Shape the future through AI and its limitless possibilities. For inspiration, check out these engaging articles on the future of AI on HackerNoon:

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How AI Will Impact the Future of Career
Are You Enhanced? A Story About AI and Life in the Near Future

Get Featured in Cyberscape Zine 2.0

Selected contributors will have their work featured in Cyberscape Zine 2.0 and receive full credit for their exceptional contributions! This is your chance to leave your mark on the world of AI exploration.

Submit Your Vision Today!

Unleash your creativity and submit your voice, vision, and imagination to HackerNoon today! Together, let's shape the future through AI and unlock its boundless possibilities.

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